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Sunset Shimmer by Fictitiouswolf
Sunset Shimmer
I have been doodling MLP: FIM characters in my style of wolves for a while now, only on my third but I have to feel inspired. Equestria Girls Friendship Games inspired me. Sunset is by FAR my favourite character in the whole MLP:FIM universe, I could go on forever about why she is perfect and all the storylines I wish she could have! Honestly I am obsessed, that film was surprisngly wonderful. This was a quick crappy doodle, I wanna do a proper one at some point, she deserves 100% effort. This is a re-upload from instagram, I post there more frequently- Fictitious_wolf
Zye Re-design by Fictitiouswolf
Zye Re-design
I have been mucking about with his design for a while, I want all my characters to be tad more realistic, obviously still out there but not as extreme, more subtle, you know? This is a work in progress, I have a design I wanna try out but don't have them in my crayon collection so it made this very difficult. I'll work something out for him sometime soon hopefully.

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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 1, 2014, 8:26 AM

My beautiful friend Emma has gifted me a premium membership. I love her. So expect to see more arts uploaded and I am going to attempt to get digital again, I miss it. Peace out .x


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Stoning-Crows Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hello! You work digitally...What do you use? sorry, I would appreciate if you could show me how? ^^  if you want.
Fictitiouswolf Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Hey! I have done in the past, but haven't for ages due to having the worlds crummiest computer! I use a cheap graphics tablet I got off ebay, and photoshop, found some tutorials on here and also tumblr and self taught, I am awful though. Long way to go, but having decent technology at hand is a big bonus haha! 
Stoning-Crows Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
alright! thanks. :D
Howlofsecrey Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
As a thank you gift for watch/fav I will draw a image of your choice! Send a link to reference pic! Congrats!!! 
Fictitiouswolf Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Really :o awh man that's so lovely<3 This is a reference of my fursona Wolfy :)
Howlofsecrey Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
My thanks and I will have you ur wolf done as soon as possible! I have one question what background do you want/what do you want her doing??
Fictitiouswolf Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2014
Honestly, that is up to you :3 have fun with it ^_^ x
Valoz Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Welcome to DA fellow wolf artist!
Fictitiouswolf Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Haha thankyou (:
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